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We believe that any item, lovingly crafted by hand, will reflect the personality of its maker. That’s why our collection of unique handcrafted gifts brings simple joys & delights into everyday life! Treat your friends and your beloved ones with a piece from our handcrafted gift collection.

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Inspired handcrafted charcoal black felt letter board sign with white letters, symbols, numbers that can be used as home decor, business/work signage, a photography prop, a teaching tool, and much more. This is a great gift for anyone!

The journey between the covers of a good book can lead you through all kinds of unexpected places. Made of sturdy metal with modern and basic design, this effective Decorative Bookend fulfills its function to hold up and organize books. With colors from classic to modern, creates a beautiful and pleasant look, while organizing books, magazines, catalogs. Ideal for offices, libraries, schools or at home.

These Mermaid Sleeping Bags are Super cozy woolen yarn blanket for Children and adult. Beautiful knitted pattern to complement your living room or bedroom decor. Handcrafted, exquisite and elegant, ideal gifts for girls and women. Great for Story Time, Staying Warm at Night, Lounging with Family, Movie Nights, Sleepovers, Camping, Family Trips, etc.

Personalized Cutting Boards with Handles are finely crafted and custom engraved with our state of art laser machine. The boards are engraved on one side which is meant for display while the other side can be used for cutting. These beautifully customized cutting boards make the perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary or house-warming. Let's choose unique gifts!

Labradorite stone, highly mystical, innate intuition increases and enhances psychic abilities, making it ideal for working with the third eye chakra. Intuition and intellect are balanced by labradorite pendant, allowing the illusions of vanishing and bring out the true personal intentions.

Give your treasured tools the home they deserve. Designed to carry a heavy load, there are multiple slots for different tools to keep them organized. These handy, portable and stylish Leather Tool Roll improve productivity and keep the contents safe and free from damage, thus making them as essential as the tools they hold!

Nothing is better than beautiful marble cheese plates. Came in excellent condition and the variety of colors with the different letters are all gorgeous. These Monogram Cheese Board are excellent gifts that you should give.

These personalized wooden cards are perfect for your family or friends Give this gift for birthday, anniversary, New Year ... You can personalize them with any word or image to give them a personal feel. These charming personal cards will also double as a lovely souvenir.

Inspire children to healthy sports. Personalized Wooden Baseball Bats kid gift engraved with their name, date of birth, birthplace, height, and weight will help them love the sport.

A trendy handmade Travel Pouch, why not? Whether it's just an overnight trip or someday travel, this bag easily fits your chargers, iPad, wallet and daily essentials.

These unique wooden Wine Racks and Bottle Holders could be a great addition to your home. Each item is completely handmade and with precision to detail. Great gift for wine lovers, collectors or just beautiful and functional storage of bottles of wine.  

WoodArt Wooden Napkin Holder produces beautiful and functional pieces that fit perfectly any kind of decoration, showing good taste in your home. These paper napkin holders are ideal to make your table or countertop organized with a natural look. The detailed bottom in mirror or glass adds a charming detail and makes it easier to clean.