Nasdaq, Jim Cantore and MapleStory 2 are trending today !

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Nasdaq, Jim Cantore and MapleStory 2 are trending today !


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Dow Ends Off More Than 800 Points, Nasdaq Loses 4%

The Dow lost 832 points for the day, its third worst point decline ever. The S&P 500 saw its worst fall since February., and its lowest close since July 11 as it marked five consecutive losing sessions. The Nasdaq tumbled 4% as chipmakers led the slide.

Washington Examiner

Jim Cantore

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Weather Channel's Jim Cantore rescues reporter from Hurricane Michael's Washington Examiner

Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore rescued an NBC News reporter who was in danger of being knocked off his feet due to the powerful winds from Hurricane Michael. NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders was in Panama City Beach, Fla., as the …

Rock Paper Shotgun

MapleStory 2

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MapleStory 2 opens its nostalgic doors to all, free-to-play Rock Paper Shotgun

Nexon's bouncy multiplayer platform RPG MapleStory was the first MMO for a lot of folks, and its 3D sequel MapleStory 2 launched today in English. While the game has been kicking around Korea and China for a while, it made its English debut through a …
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